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How to Analyze NGINX Logs with Sumo Logic
NGINX logging provide deep insights, but you must properly parse the data. Learn how to use Sumo Logic for easy, yet powerful, analysis of NGINX logs
Tools Vince Power
Overview of AWS Lambda Monitoring
Monitoring Lambda is key to a healthy AWS infrastructure. Learn about Lambda monitoring best practices, and how Sumo Logic is an effective monitoring tool.
Process Twain Taylor
Overview of MongoDB Performance Monitoring
MongoDB is an essential tool for many app developers. Learn how to monitor your MongoDB performance and keep your dev team operating at optimal levels.
Tools Vince Power
AWS Well Architected Framework - Security Pillar
When I’m asked, “How should I monitor my Amazon Web Services infrastructure?” or, “What AWS products and fea…
Process Graham Watts
A Toddler’s Guide to Data Analytics
Any parent of a two-year old appreciates the power of speaking a common language. There is nothing more frustrating to m…
Tools Ben
Making the Most of AWS Lambda Logs
AWS Lambda is designed to be plug-and-play, but it still provides valuable data. Learn how to use Sumo Logic to gain deep insights from Lambda logs.
Process Michael Churchman
Using Logs to Speed Your DevOps Workflow - Sumo Logic Leveraging Machine Data Analytics for DevOps
Machine data analytics are a key factor in improving DevOps workflow. Learn how to use Sumo Logic to fully leverage your machine data for deep insights.
Process Cordny Nederkoorn
How to Deploy and Manage a Container on Azure Container Service
Make room, Docker. Microsoft Azure is a new player in container management. Here’s how to deploy and manage containers using the Azure Container Service.
Process Zachary Flower
aws cloudfront logo Tutorial: Content Distribution with Amazon CloudFront
Step by step tutorial showing how to set up CloudFront, Amazon’s cloud delivery network (CDN) for fast and reliable content distribution and delivery.
Tools Michael Floyd
aws-ec2-container-service Getting Started with AWS EC2 Container Service (ECS)
Learn the basics of AWS EC2 Container Services (ECS), navigate clusters, instances, services and tasks, make use of new support for ELB and what you can do from the CLI.
Tools Sara Jeanes
Microservices 5 Patterns for Better Microservices Architecture
Learn how to build an optimal microservices architecture by adhering to the following five patterns including separation of concerns and API first design.
Process Mike Mackrory
AWS Config Getting Started with AWS Config Rules
Quickly learn how to setup AWS Config and start creating AWS Config Custom rules that can be triggered either by a configuration change or on a periodic basis..
Process Sara Jeanes
logging-node-js-lambda Logging Node.js Lambda Functions with CloudWatch
Because there’s no control over the systems that execute lambdas, the need for logging is essential for monitoring, diagnosing and troubleshooting problems.
Process Mike Mackrory
puppet-logs-sumo-logic Troubleshooting Apps and Infrastructure Using Puppet Logs
Puppet logs can provide insight into the status of apps and infrastructure across the data center. Here’s a cheat sheet to help you identify the most useful logs, and what to look for.
Tools Michael Floyd

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