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Powering Modern Enterprise

Don’t settle for less

You can innovate confidently with an analytics tool that brings you the cutting edge while still accommodating the complexities of your business

Empower your teams to collaborate with modern analytics platform

Alert And Notify

Break down silos

Encourage collaboration and increase transparency with shareable dashboards, searches, and reports. Reduce friction and foster innovation with a platform designed for multiple use cases and teams.

Secure By Design

Don't reinvent the wheel

Encourage adoption and collaboration with SAML and Active Directory. Protect sensitive data and maintain key controls without introducing friction with powerful role-based access control.


Get data to the people who need it

Don’t worry about antiquated user limits or complicated restrictions. Sumo Logic makes it easy to get your teams plugged in and easy to get data out with open APIs.

A modern solution for modern apps

“Sumo Logic makes it much easier to find and then correct issues in our distributed applications. This lets our developers concentrate on creating new software rather than wasting time manually wading through logs.”

Pitney Bowes

Brett Nelson

SaaS Platform Architect

Cloud-native, Continuous Intelligence Platform

The Sumo Logic platform helps you make data-driven decisions and reduce the time to investigate security and operational issues so you can free up resources for more important activities.

Unified Platform

Unified platform

A single integrated solution for developers, security, operations and LOB teams.

Built To Scale

Built to scale

200+ petabytes of data analyzed, 20 million searches performed – every day.

Cloud Economics

Cloud economics

Flexible subscription model tailored to your business and analytical needs.

Machine Learning

Proactive & predictive

Identify, investigate and resolve issues faster with machine learning.

Secure By Design

Secure by design

Built with security-first principle in and for the cloud.

Powering Modern

Powering modern enterprise

Empowering teams to securely collaborate using role-based access control and content sharing.

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