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Visualize Auth0’s key identity and access insights with a click of a button

Detect and action on security & operational identity insights from your Auth0 account

Detect Insider Threats

Proactive insights into security threats

Easily identify suspicious activity and act on it before it turns into major incidents. Detect anomalies like sudden spikes in login or account activities and or security incidents such as breached passwords or IP/account blocks enforced for attack protection.


Operational monitoring and troubleshooting

Separate the noise from the actual signals. With events from signups, logins, MFAs, or recovery, operational teams can design dashboards and set alerts to enable them to easily identify and investigate issues.

Advanced Analytics

Leveraging data for better decision making

Understand behavior patterns of your customers or analyze adoption trends as it relates to markets or geographies. Auth0’s contextual depth such as device or location enables you to analyze identity metrics and drive better business decisions.