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Continuous Intelligence for AWS

Enable Innovation in the Cloud

The Sumo Logic cloud-native data analytics service delivers continuous operational and security visibility to enable organizations to move application workloads into Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure with confidence and clarity.

"Sumo Logic’s ability to support VPC Flow Logs is critical for our security team to have full stack visibility. It allows us to capture and analyze traffic flow for all network interfaces, increasing our security posture over time, and do this in a seamless and consistent manner across our entire AWS infrastructure."

Jarrod Sexton, Security Engineer, Interactive Intelligence

Sumo Logic Cloud-Native Service

  • True Saas Model Accelerate “migration to” and “operations in” AWS with the Sumo Logic True SaaS Elastic Model
  • Native AWS Integrations Real-time operational insights from an extensive set of AWS applications and connectors
  • Full Stack Visibility Analyze all data streams with unified views from AWS, other cloud or on premise infrastructures
  • Machine Learning Advanced machine learning anomalies and outliers from comprehensive views
  • Secure by Design The industry’s most secure cloud-native analytics platform

Sumo Logic provides operational and security visibility with a unified view across the AWS infrastructure. With a comprehensive set of applications and integrations for AWS services and off the shelf applications, Sumo Logic delivers instant visibility through pre-built dashboards, searches, queries and reports. Teams can immediately visualize and monitor their workloads easily, identify issues and expedite root-cause analysis.

With Sumo Logic, organizations gain operational and security visibility across the entire AWS stack, surfacing both known and unknown risks. Companies can operate and innovate in the cloud with clarity and confidence, improving application performance, security and customer experiences.

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Sumo Logic Apps for AWS

logo-aws-cloud-trail AWS CloudTrail

Feed your AWS CloudTrail data into the Sumo Logic service to track and monitor your AWS infrastructure for operational and security insights. Within minutes, receive real-time alerts on suspicious user activity.

logo-amazon-cloudfront Amazon CloudFront

Analyze and correlate your AWS CloudFront data with the origin data/other data sets and improve availability and end-user experience while enforcing rigorous security controls.

logo-amazon-elastic-load-balancing AWS Elastic Load Balancing

Analyze raw AWS ELB data to determine latency and optimize your system configuration based on information across all availability zones about source IPs and traffic to EC2 backend instances.

logo-amazon-simple-storage-service Amazon Simple Storage Service

Examine critical elements of your S3 service including access logs and reveal information such as request type, resource name and time that the request was processed. Analyze the average response time and the…

logo-amazon-vpc-flow Amazon VPC Flow

Ingest your VPC Flow Logs directly into the Sumo Logic continuous intelligence service to monitor and visualize your IP traffic within your VPC for operational and security insights.

Amazon Kinesis logo Amazon Kinesis Connector

The Sumo Logic AWS Kinesis Connector enables real-time AWS Kinesis data streams to be ingested by the Sumo Logic cloud-native platform.

logo-aws-config AWS Config

The Sumo Logic app for AWS Config delivers real-time interactive visualizations to track configuration changes made to critical resources in your Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

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