AWS Management

Deliver great AWS Apps

Sumo Logic enables you to move to AWS with confidence

Ensure exceptional customer experience by eliminating application downtime. Secure apps with built-in machine-learning and simplify compliance requirements.


Full AWS visibility

Eliminate operational blind spots with native support for AWS apps, services, modern architectures and integration with your favorite tools.


App and infrastructure performance

Identify critical AWS application problems proactively by easily correlating performance issues with errors and failures. Get to the root cause quickly with pattern detection using machine-learning.

Secure By Design

Security & compliance

Identify, correlate and prioritize threats faster and streamline investigation with security analytics. Maintain compliance with internal and external standards (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR etc.).

Instant visibility in AWS

“Sumo Logic provides us instant visibility into AWS services. We were able to get AWS ELB dashboards in a few minutes, which was very impressive.”


Alex Zadorozhnyi

Director of Technology

Popular AWS management apps


AWS CloudTrail

Feed your AWS CloudTrail data into the Sumo Logic service to track and monitor your AWS environment for operational and security insights. Within minutes, receive real-time alerts on suspicious user activity.


Amazon VPC Flow

Ingest your Amazon VPC Flow Logs directly into the Sumo Logic continuous intelligence service to monitor and visualize your IP traffic within your VPC for operational and security insights.


AWS Elastic Load Balancing

Analyze raw AWS ELB data to determine latency and optimize your system configuration based on information across all availability zones about source IPs and traffic to Amazon EC2 backend instances.

Full visibility of your AWS environment

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